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4th-May-2009 09:42 pm - [Hiatus] We are under reformation :O
JE → 亀 → "A"

only, you know, NOT >:||||||

Starting today, a9_stillness is under a four week hiatus.
We (as in, the mods) are taking this time to catch up with modly duties (we have a million and one weeks worth of banners to make and deliver to our awesome winners :S) and also to work on revamping the entire community. New layout, new userinfo, maybe even a new set of rules. Who knows? Right now, the sky is the limit :P

On that note, if you have any suggestions that you'd like to make about any aspect of the comm to the mods, now would be a pretty good time ;)
Just comment on this entry and we will be thrilled to read what you have to say/suggest ♥

a9_stillness has been running smoothly for almost 3 years now and by taking some time to dedicate ourselves to it now we intend to make it an even better comm for all the participants, voters, lurkers, members, etc, etc.
We count on all of you guys to support us in our efforts and also to stay around for what is to come ;)
Thanks everyone for understanding, and see all you guys back in a month!

PS: In the meantime, you still can vote for our current challenge.

All the best,
A9 Stillness Mods

27th-Apr-2009 09:08 am - Week#98: Voting
JE → 亀 → "A"
Hello everyone :D
This week we have 25 icons :OOO. That's a lot and we were very happy to get so many entries ♥
Thank you very much to everyone who sent an entry for the challenge, and here comes a very warm welcome to all the new members/iconists/voters =3

The pollCollapse )
27th-Apr-2009 09:00 am - Week #97: Winners
JE → 亀 → "A"

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all iconists and voters! ;D

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Mod's Choice

13th-Apr-2009 08:18 am - Week #98: Extension
JE → 亀 → "A"

Again, this week there are few icons posted  and we'd like some more. So. Help us out here? :3
We are extending this challenge for one more week to try and get more icons.
The deadline for the previous week's poll was also extended since votes are always welcome.

The new deadline for both voting and sending new icons is Friday, April 17st, 10 p.m. Please, participate you guys =D
You can vote for Week#97: Hiroto Challenge HERE
You can send your icons for Week#98: Nao Challenge: HERE
Thanks  to all of you who already sent their icons and voted :3

7th-Apr-2009 11:17 am - Week#98-Challenge
sherlock/ SW laugh

Hello everybody  it's time for a new challenge: Week#98-Nao
You know the basics: I'll provide the images and you can come up with 3 icons and submit them until friday!!!

Submission post:


You can submit up to 3 (three) icons
Submission period will close on April 10th,Friday at 10pm PT.
As soon as possible thereafter, we will post the voting poll.
Good luck ^___^/

**comments are screened**

Don't forget to VOTE for week#97-Pon

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